“My mother was right: when you’ve got nothing left, all you can do is get into silk underwear and start reading Proust.”

-Jane Birkin

Ah to be French, sophisticated, beautiful, and apparently ahead of them game when it came to knowing about the hidden super powers of silk - at least according to Ms. Birkin. 


Silk has been around for centuries, playing a huge role in developing the Worlds economy becoming a coveted commodity - still today. This luxury textile can play a small but mighty role in someone beauty routine, lets dive deeper into the secrets about Silk. 


1. Secret weapon for a well rested night of sleep

Doesn't that sounds wonderful a full 8 hours of beauty rest? Some nights it seems impossible (trust me I know). Silk sheets can be the key to regulating body temperatures at night ensuring that the body is comfortable and undisturbed. Not to mention you will feel like a queen sleeping on silk! 

2. Smooth silky, frizz free hair 

I know this beauty secret first hand as a curly girl myself. One of the reasons I started making silk scrunchies was because I saw how drastically my hair changed after a month of using a silk scrunchies. Recently I discovered the extra bonus of sleeping on a silk pillowcase - and lets just say Bella Bonita may be creating those in 2022. Chefs kiss perfection

3. Allergies - BE GONE, BYE PUFFINESS 

Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, bugs, bacteria, and mold HATE silk and anything this trio hates gets a high five from me. Say Ciao to puffy face in the morning sleeping on silk or wearing a fabulous silk scarf during the day. 

4. Insulation Nation

Silk Twill is my favorite silk there is it is a double woven textile meaning it will keep you insulated and warm, but also cool you down - I know science blows me away too.

5. "First they're sour then they are sweet"

I always think about this quote when I describe how strong silk can be especially Silk Twill.  It has been proven to be the most durable silk out of all the varieties of silk making your silk scarf an heirloom for future generations to come. No wonder why a silk scarf is a timeless staple in fashion. 


Next time you are on a self care kick and want to add to your tool kit try silk out - it will change your life. Promise. 


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