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About Us

Bella Bonita Designs is a fashion brand created for women by women.

Our array of creative print products appeals to all kinds of people. The only thing our Bella Bonitas have in common is an eye for a unique style! All prints are custom designed by owner Stella Hankins and she is hands-on in all parts of the business - from creating the prints, to packaging the product, and to ensuring the product arrives swiftly to its new home.

Our biggest mission is to create luxury items that help build better communities. We focus on hiring women who need a second chance or fresh start. Stella herself is in recovery and has been able to see first-hand what a healthy environment can do for someone’s life. Bella Bonita Designs strives to be that healthy environment by providing job opportunities to women who are underemployed. We teach them job skill sets, provide educational resources on managing finances, and provide an environment in which growth is fostered. We encourage all our employees to turn around and use their resources to empower others in their community.

You can find Bella Bonita Designs on our website, which you're on duh, and at local events around Wichita, Kansas! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @bellabonitadesigns to get updates on where to find us!

Oh and signing up for our emails is also pretty cool. Since we love our customers, we like to treat them with cool promos.