Bella's Story

Who exactly is Bella Bonita?

Answer is she is everyone. I created this character to relate to women and make women feel empowered. As the perception of what a woman's role is evolving I want be involved, keeping the momentum moving. The vision for Bella Bonita is to celebrate diversity in women promoting self acceptance spreading the ideology of perfectly imperfect. As a teenager and young adult  I knew I was different I spent a long time trying to hide who I was. As heart breaking as it sounds this experience planted a seed within me. As time continued the seed slowly turned into a blossoming fascination with Fashion Design. I was constantly drawing - more specifically I was drawing different versions of faces unknown to me this was the beginning of Bella Bonita. As a kid I would play in my moms scarves wear them as dresses, head wraps, bracelets, anklets, anything I could think of. It made me feel comfortable in my own skin. A scarf for me is the perfect accessory to express your individuality with, thus my canvas for my lovely Bella Bonitas was created. Every Scarf is handmade from the design to the assembly making it 100% unique.