Hey Bonita Fans!
Updated Inventory (about time) organized a little today - 28 patterns until the end of the year these patterns will be on:
-Scrunchies with Bows
-Possibly Turban Headbands maybe top 12 patterns
Inventory for both the Etsy site (which I have now) and my website have been updated the goal for the end of the week is to have all of the scrunchies and twillys up - missing a couple here and there. Its a pretty big project especially since I have to edit all the photos as well as take them! Some on the site I am going to re do just not tonight...
Voice down below any ideas you might have big or small I would love to hear some feedback!
Please check it
Website :
Etsy Shop:
Most Twillys are on the website and the Scrunchies with Bows are on Etsy - I will make all of it accessible across the board. Pray for me...
Good Night
Sleepy Bonita